Custom Interactive Filters in Kibana

Hello! I have been working to make a kibana dashboard more interactive for a very picky client that wants a way of interacting with filters that I can't seem to find a way of doing with the features I have seen in kibana.

I want to be able to have several drop downs or list of all values of some field, and as they select possible values, apply filters that include only the values selected. (ideally this also updates the drop downs to show what values match the values selected so far).

The controls drop downs don't support this, as they show a very limited view of the fields available and the multi select features is a match any, not a match all. As well as they don't support updating from existing filters unless they have a parent set but then this locks us into a specific order of filtering these fields in.

If there is a way we can write something similar to the controlls drop downs where we can create our own filters but change the view or logic. Any sugestions would be much apreciated. Thank you!

How about "Data table"? There are button to add(+) that term filter and delete(-) it. The other data tables are updated with the selected filter. This may not be exactly what you want and have some restrictions (e.g. there is no input field, we haveto choose at least one metric to show,...), but it is a possible option that works complementary to the filter input field in the upper left of Kibana.

Hi Tomo, This was a great sugestion and a lot closer to what we wanted, but one major thing this lacks is the ability to select multiple items from the table. Ideally we select one User ID for example, and then the other user ids are grayed out or moved to the bottom of the list but still selectable, or in some way indicated that they are other valid user id's but just not being filtered for at the moment.

I don't think its possible with kibana..

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