Help with Features of Kibana Interactive filters

I am working with the kibana controls panels, pictured here

And some functionality seems very restrictive. I want to have these drop down options to be put in any order, and for the options under the others to update with apropriate options.

For example, If I select the Environment to be DEV only workstations with DEV environment should be available for selection. There is a way to set a parent child relationship between two of the dropdowns, but if I wanted to do this back the other way (select the workstations first then environment) I would need to create an entirely new panel.

If there is another way I can do this, or a way of making a panel that can create custom filters or KQL queries from inputs in the dashboard that would be fantastic. Thank you!

I'm not sure this will help, but you can move the order up and down (in right side when building filters). Then you could put Enviroment first and as parent

Thanks for the response, What you described is the setup i have currently. I just have the same set of fields filtered in different orders, but this is really clunky, I want there to be a way to make them all update when any of them are done. That way i dont need 4! pannels with the same 4 drop downs.

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