Link two dropdown select visualisations Kibana Canvas


I've created a canvas with two dropdown selects (One for customer and one for projects)
Is there a way to link those, like a parent and child? If I select a customer in the first dropdown select. I want only to see the projects from that customer in the other dropdown select.

I'm on Kibana 7.9.3 and Elastic 7.9.1

cc @poff @Catherine_Liu

Hi @r97

Here is an example of how to accomplish this.

For the filter that you want to serve as the "Parent" filter, give it a FilterGroup value. The expression will look something like this:

essql query="SELECT user, order_id FROM "kibana_sample_data_ecommerce"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="user" filterColumn="user" filterGroup="by-user"
| render

Then, use the filter value from the parent to filter the options available in the child. It's expression will look something like.

filters group='by-user'
| essql query="SELECT user, order_id FROM "kibana_sample_data_ecommerce"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="order_id" filterColumn="order_id" filterGroup="by-order"
| render

Now, wherever you want to filter by the selected child value, just use filters group="by-order" or whatever name you give for that child group.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! It works like a charm! Is there a way to do this also for the Dashboard dropdown controls without greying out the child value? So i could still select the child if the parent is not set?

@corey.robertson Have you seen my reply?

Hi @r97
Hmm I'm not sure how to accomplish this in a Dashboard. The drop down controls in a dashboard are strictly populated based on the index pattern, so I'm not sure how to filter those options further.

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