Dropdown select filter not working

Working with v7.14.1.

I'm trying to add a dropdown select filter to my workpad in Canvas, but it is not giving me the list of items in the dropdown. The preview data shows the list.

essql query="SELECT appId FROM \"oe.clickstream\"
group by appId"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="appId" filterColumn="appId" filterGroup="group1"
| render

I also tried below, but that doesn't work and the preview data does not show a unique list of appIds.

esdocs index="oe.clickstream" fields="appId"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="appId" filterColumn="appId" filterGroup="group1"
| render

Hi, checked on 7.14, I don't see any filterGroup parameter in the expression editor. Here's a example using the kibana_sample_data_flights and a similar SQL statement. Can you try it and see if it renders?

@jsanz I removed the filterGroup and it's working now. Thanks!

@jsanz I noticed I had to remove a table element that was on the page before the Dropdown select would work. Is that expected?

Not sure, but if you could open a new discussion, elaborating the steps you followed, ideally with one of the sample datasets, we can try to reproduce and eventually create an issue in our Github. Feel free to directly open the issue yourself if you can:

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