Creating Dropdowns in Kibana

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Has anyone created drop-downs in Kibana to filter data?
For example consider the data being passed to Kibana has three fields- Source, file and Count.

I want to create a drop down on source almost in the beginning of the dashboard and rest of the visualizations in the dashboard should change as per the selected source.


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This isn't functionality that is supported by Kibana currently. There are already other mechanisms for filtering your data in Kibana. You can use saved searches, filters (which can be enabled and disabled) or multiple saved dashboards.

Another avenue you may want to explore is a Kibana plugin. There is the concept of a Hack Plugin which will act as an entry point to execute your custom code.

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Thanks for your input.
I'll check the hack plugins.
I am new to this, it would be really helpful if you could share some examples.
Somehow the information available about Kibana on the internet is very limited.


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