Kibana - data visualization prevent without control filters

Good morning everyone,

I have two simple questions about dashboard in KIbana. I have been working in a project and for the moment I'm able to depict some graphs in the dashboard, well the project consists in creating a user interface tool for the mentioned purpose. My questions are the next ones:

  1. When developing the dashboard, I added range option controls to filter the visualization. So far, i would like the dashboard to expose data only when the user selecs filters. For the case in which options are not selected i would like the graph not to expose any data.

, it is possible?

2.It is possible to add the general kibana time filter(the one that allows selecting absolute or relative dates) in the dashboard. It, when putting the dashboard as full screen mode?. (So the user can used for performing some date modifications).

Thanks so much,



Sadly the answer for both questions is no. But feel free to add an enhancement request in the Kibana repo on github.

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