Can we apply filters on Controls visualization?

Hi guys, I want to apply filters on Controls visualization. I don't want to show the list of all the values we have, just the selected ones which I have applied as a filter on top of the visualization. But, that filter is not getting reflected there, I can still see all the values in the list. I want different dashboards for different users but all the data is in one index only, so I want to use controls visualizations for different users. Is there any other way to limit the list to only few values? If yes, how?

Yes for your use case, you can use input control visualition to filter results further. Controls provide the ability to add interactive inputs to Kibana Dashboards. Controls can be used to create two types of inputs: drop-downs and range sliders. Here is a blog post which explains how to do it:

hope it solves ur issue, if not, plz ask again.


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