Binding Controls

Controls: An existing but experimental feature is Control. This is still under development as per the feature's documentation.

Requirement: I build 'x' different Controls and 'm' different visualizations which could be chart, metric,. I include them in the same visualization. I would like to bind certain controls to certain visualizations.

I have used a few other dashboard tools in past which enabled me to use such features. As the feature is under development, would it be possible to include as a new option.

Date datatype:

  1. The date range is available under "Option List" type of Control and this definitely helps users to select particular date and time which is good to have.
  2. Would it be possible to include it under "Range Slider" which may help users to slide for a timeline.
  3. If options were provided to truncate the dates in the filters, it would be beneficial as it helps in aggregation of the data. (Since we handle log data, we will have several instances for every millisecond and aggregation will make more sense).

Thanks for your time!

PS: This is related to my other topic Individual Metric Filters.

Could you please create a feature request in the github repo at

Looks like this feature request is similar to so maybe just add your use case to that issue if you feel the issue covers your use case

I checked the link and it is similar to my request. Thanks for your help.

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