Visualization Filters not applied in DashBoard

So I have made a visualization that has some data filtered out by name. However when I put this visualization on a dashboard the filter was not applied to the visualization. I also don't want to apply this filter to the whole dashboard as some of the other visualizations need the data in the filter. Is there a was to have a filter active for only certain visualizations?

What version of Kibana are you using? If you apply a filter inside the visualization editor, save that visualization, and add it to a dashboard, the filter should then only be applied to the one visualization.

Filters added on the dashboard will affect all visualizations within that dashboard, but filters saved on the visualization itself should remain isolated (assuming you haven't pinned them across all apps, which makes them global).

its a data table, I created and saved a visualization with filters but when I put it on a dashboard the filters did not apply.

What version of Kibana are you using? I'm not seeing this issue in 7.0 -- I was able to apply a filter to a data table visualization, and after saving it showed up as expected in the dashboard (without affecting other visualizations).

If you're able to reproduce the issue consistently in a specific version, you might consider filing a Github issue, as it sounds like that would be a bug.

we are using version 6.6.2. While we would like to update we have some legacy code that we need and we are unsure if it will function in the newest release

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