Apply filter for individual visualization in dashboard

I want to apply a filter for only a single visualization into a dashboard.
Problem is when I apply a filter, all other visualization in dashboard also apply filter.
Have any logic to implement filter only for individual visualization and it not impact on other visualization on same dashboard.
something Like ignore global filter option in TSVB.

Vikram Singh

I've logged an enhancement for this on your behalf. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Vikramdayma! If you edit the visualization from the dashboard (gear icon -> Edit Visualization), you should be able to apply filters inside the editor itself. These filters will apply only to that panel.

Hi Devon,
Thanks for reply.
My intension apply filter in dashboard for individual visualization that not affect other visualization on same dashboard.
As you suggested, it is fixed/permanent filter.
I would go to edit visualization and apply filter and save visualization.
That filter will apply permanently.
I want to add /remove filter on dashboard level for individual vis. that for not affect others.

Vikram Singh

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