Specific visualizations as static on the dashboard

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I'm using Kibana 6.2.4.I have a dashboard where I have different visualizations. When I select a filter, it ends up being applied to all the visualizations on the dashboard. I want the filter to be applied to only certain visualizations, i.e., I want some visualizations to be static and not change with the application of different filters. Is there any way to do this?

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No way to do this currently, but this type of functionality is on our radar.
This is probably the best issue to follow for it: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5647 - so not only can you turn off inheriting filters, but be able to set your own filter per panel.


If I am not mistaken, this should already be possible today with the visualization "Visual Builder":
If you go to "Panel Options", there is an option button with the label "Ignore Global Filter" at the bottom right.

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Hi @jupp
Actually i am using different visualizations such as pie chart,data table,bar chart etc so here i am not getting any such option to ignore global filter

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Hi @Dhanashree, you can use Vega plug in where you can add%context%:false to your Elasticsearch query. it will then ignore the global filter.
Take a look at this blog post

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