Ignore filters for some visualizations (data tables) in dashboard

Hi All,

I have two data tables in my dashboard, I want to have a Input Control to filter data based on some filed, but I want to make sure this filter should be applicable only for one of my table and other table should have the same state regardless of the selected value of the filter.

I saw some posts around this and suggested to use ignore global filter option for one of my visualization. However, I couldn't see any option like "Ignore Global Filter" in options section of my data table. I'm using kibana 6.3.1. Am I doing something wrong here? Appreciate your help on this.


Ignore Global Filter is only an option on the Time Series Visual Builder.

There is a feature request to extend this to all visualizations. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17789

Thank you for the confirmation @nickpeihl

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