Visualization only works when selecting ignore global filters

Hi, I'm using the visual builder to create a time series visualization and am running into an issue where I I only see data when I set Ignore Global Filter to Yes.

What I don't understand about this though is that I don't have any global filters active. I'm assuming global filters refers to the type of filters I would see at the top of my dashboard, either in the search bar or the filters section, but I definitely don't have anything active there. I've also tested out removing all the filters specified in the visualization itself under both panel options and in options of the particular series. In any of these cases I still get the behavior where toggling the Ignore Global Filters option makes all the data disappear or reappear.

Is there any spot I'm missing where there could be global filters I'm not seeing? Or is this a bug in Kibana? This issue has persisted across updating and restarting Kibana (currently on 7.2.0)

My visualization is just a simple average with a group by (though the same behavior happens if I remove the group by)

Recreating the visualization from scratch seems to have fixed the issue. I do think this was a bug in Kibana though because I don't see any relevant differences how the visualizations are configured.

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