Kibana 6.8 add filter to particular visualization

I am new to kibana. I created my first visualization and realized the time range and filter on the top is always applied to the visualization. But I need different filters for different visualization. Is there a way to set filters only applied to a specific visualization?

Hi @zhangjinzhou,

if you add the filters when you are creating your visualization in the Visualize app, they will be saved along with the visualization and will always be applied. If you use this visualization on a dashboard, then it will use the filters of the visualization together with the filters of the dashboard. This is just the case for filters - the time range is not saved along with the visualization.

So if you want to have different filters for different visualizations, add them in Visualize when editing the visualization and they will get saved.

Thanks Joe! Further, is it possible to apply different filters to each series in the same line graph?

The "Filters" aggregation is probably what you need - it allows you to specify a list of filters and the documents matching each of the filters becomes a separate series in the visualization.

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