How to apply time filter specific to visualization in spite applying global time range filter to the entire dashboard

I tried applying time filter specific to visualization. That is working only when the time range selection in Dashboard is later than the time filter range that i applied in visualization. For instance, consider i have applied time filter to display last 1 week data in one visualization. When i add that visualization in dashboard, it is displaying the data with the default time range which is last 15 mins and it is just ignoring the filter i have applied in the visualization. But in case when i choose time range as last 10 days in dashboard, the time filter applied in visualization to display last 1 week data is working.

How can i achieve to display last 1 week data in visualization irrespective of time range selection in Dashboard?

Hey @Shreemathi, this will be available starting in Kibana 7.4:

Thanks for your prompt response:slightly_smiling_face:

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