Dashboards: No default time filter

Noob here.
In Kibana Dashboards, you can create lens visualizations. Each one has customizable filters. We have created a dashboard with several visualizations.

We noticed at the top of the dashboard is a search bar. It has a time filter auto applied of 15 minutes. This is a problem because even before building the dashboard, the system has limited the data set to only 15 minutes.

The purpose of the dashboard is to report on fulfillments in varying statuses which could span days or weeks. In the future, we may have dashboards that use very different time frames.

Because the system automatically applies a global filter, the dashboard doesn't just work out of the box on every computer it is put on. We are having to work against the design of the system to prevent our data from being filtered.

I understand you can hide the bar or change the global default, but neither of those are good solutions because if it is hidden, it is still being applied, and not all dashboards can use the same default.

@Kyle_Waid Welcome to the community!
You can disable the 15 min refresh on the dashboard from the time filter menu (use the "Stop" option):

You can also choose save a pre-defined time filter for the dashboards by enabling "Store time with dashboard) when you save it (I've highlighted that option here):

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