Change the default time filter


The default time filter in Kibana is "Last 15 minutes"

How can i set the default value to an absolute time? Is this possible?

Also can i set a default dashboard for Kibana?


You can change the time filter easily by klicking on it :wink:
and than on the left side you can choose "Quick", "Relative", "Absolute".

I'm not sure, but i think you can't set a default Dashboard at the moment.

You can save the time range with a dashboard so that when users open it it shows that.

You cannot set a specific dashboard as default though. The only thing you can do is set a default app in kibana.yml;

# The default application to load.
# kibana.defaultAppId: "discover"

Hi ,

Thank you, but can i make it default? So that next time i log in , i need not change the filter again?