Change the default time range?

The default the time range in Kibana is set to the last 15 minutes in any dashboard. Is there any way to change this default?

hi, as workaround, you can change source file in /kibana_path/src/ui/ui_settings/default.js.
find row with value: "from" : "now-15m",
and change value of "from" to something another value, for example set to "now-1h".
after discover plugin by default will return data for last 1 hour

i didn't find opportunity to override this value with kibana.yml


thanks - this solves my problem.

would be great to see this default made configurable in kibana.yml so we don't have to change source code.

actually, this default should be configurable per dashboard - as each dashboard might look at data in different time resolutions by default.


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