How to change default the time range in Kibana?

The default the time range in Kibana is set to the last 15 minutes in any dashboard. Is there any way to change this default?
1- I try to change in file src\legacy\core_plugins\kibana\ui_setting_defaults.js
"from": "now-15m", to "from": "now-30d" but it doesn't work .
2- i try also to change in kibana ; Advanced setting : timepicker:timeDefaults but also it doesn't change, how to do that please with kibana 7.6.0

Hi @Emna1,

Advanced setting : timepicker:timeDefaults

This method should work :+1:

I see multiple reasons, why it could seem that it is not working for you:

  1. Kibana tries its best in remembering last selected time range within a browser session. Assuming you was on a dashboard with time range "last 15 minutes", then went to management and changed defaults and then got back to the same dashboard: if you still see "last 15 minutes", then this is likely because Kibana preserved last time range for this dashboard and not because of incorrect defaults. I'd suggest, after applying new time range defaults settings, test it in incognito mode or in different browser.
  2. When you save dashboard there is an option to "Store time with dashboard". When user opens the dashboard with stored time, this time will take precedence over defaults. So make sure your dashboards aren't saved with "Last 15 minutes" time range.

Hope this is helpful.

Hi @dosant,
Thank you so much for help it works fine when i save dashboard with option "Store time with dashboard". :blush:

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