Different time filter per visualisation

Hi, I am trying to create a single dashboard but the visualisations in the dashboard need to have different time filters, for example one of the data tables is for the past day, another for the past week etc.

When I go to my dashboard, all the visualisations use the global time filter, not individual ones. I have created all the visualisations from the same search - is that the problem?

Thank you.

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You can have only one time filter, which is on the top level.

Thanks for your reply. I will just have to create different dashboards.

This would be a great added feature to Kibana. Recommend adding it to the GitHub requirements, if it's not already there. I'd agree that there is some data you want to see in a dashboard for a week at time or other data from for a day at time, etc. It's frankly weird that you have to create multiple dashboards for something like (especially since they don't yet provide us a way to link dashboards to each other - would be a wonderful option for the markdown widget, IMO).

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There are some enhancements tracked related to this, feel free to +1:

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