Saving time filter for visualization stored in visualization library

Course: Kibana
Version: 8.8.1
Question: After trying out the practice exam for Kibana, there are tasks that only required to save visualization in visualization library but not on a dashboard. Is there a way to store the time filter for items in visualization library like on a dashboard? (dashboard have the option to 'Store time with dashboard')

No. I don't think you can. Why would you do that? A visualization is meant to be added on a dashboard. With other visualizations. What would be the right date to pick in that case?

I’m asking this as the one of the practice exam have indicated to display last 30 days data, and only save the visualization in visualization library and not on the dashboard. In this case does the ‘display last 30 days data’ not matter since I can’t save the time filter in visualization library? Just wanted confirmation that I’m doing the practice exam correctly.

I think so. But may be someone from the training team could confirm.