Saving filters with visualizations and dashboards?

Hi there!

Sorry for the newbie question....

I've got a visualization that shows computer memory usage over the past 24 hours. I'd like to build a dashboard with 10 of these visualizations on it, each filtered for a different computer.

I'm not sure how to approach this - filters seem to apply to all the visualizations on the dashboard, not to an individual visualization on that dashboard... is there a method for saving a visualization with a filter so I can load multiple visualizations on a dashboard, each with an individual filter?

If that's not possible, can you recommend an alternate approach I might take to achieve my goal?


While I haven't found an answer to the above question, I've identified an alternate approach that might do what I want. Does this sound like the best solution?

I can build a saved search for each of my 10 computers, then build a different visualization for each of my 10 computers, each based on that saved search. Then I will have 10 different visualizations that I can drop on to a dashboard.

What do you think?

The alternative approach is a good one to follow.

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