Visualization with mulitple save search queries


Is there a way to add multiple save search query in a visualization. v 5.4.3
Currently it does only provide one.

In my use case, Filter A have one value, Filter B have 4 and Filter C has 38.
With current limitation, I have create 38 * 4 = 152 search queries.
If multiple save searches are allowed only 38 + 4 + 1 would be required.

Since we cannot pass parameters for dashboard, at least it will same some re-work.


Hi Shwetank,

No, there's no way to use multiple saved searches in any visualizations. The only solution I can think of is to create one more saved search "ABC" that has all the filters (1 + 4 + 38). Or maybe I'm not understanding your issue correctly. You need every combination of each filter? Maybe you elaborate more on the use case.


Hi Lee, thanks for your response.
Yes I need to have a combination for each filter.
One from value from each filter.

Ideal way to do it should be a dashboard/visulization template were we can pass parameter values. Since that is not supported by Kibana, I have to make that many dahsboards.

Do you know any plans if it is in pipeline for future release.
Is there an enhancement task available where I can +1 it.\


You can go to Management > Saved Objects and export a Dashboard to a JSON file. Then you could make multiple copies and change all the appropriate fields/filters/name etc. And then you could import those back in. You would just have to be careful and try it initially on a non-production system.

Yes, that's what I have been doing. Created one script to do that as we need to take care of ID's and its references.

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