Multi query support for multiple visualizations in kibana dashboard

Hey, i am trying to migrate from kibana 3 to 5 and was wondering if this feature documented at is available from kibana 4.0 and above. Specifically in kibana 5.6 for a line-chart.

I have searched for an answer to this and it looks like the only solution is to use "filter aggregation" or add additional y-axis to get the desired result but this can only be done in the visualization tab and not directly in the dashboard.

Also unlike kibana 3 where when querying we could apply and view comparisons of queries on multiple visualization panels, in kibana 4 when using filter aggregation we are limited to a single visualization.

Kindly provide me with a solution


I'm actually having some difficulty finding where that feature was deprecated and/or removed, but it appears to have been between versions 3 and 4. I agree, I think your best option here is filter aggregations.

Editing the visualization outside of the dashboard is less convenient but probably your best option here. There is an issue on github for easier vis updates in the dashboard in case you'd like to follow it.


Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the reply, just to confirm my understanding, you are saying that currently the only way to somewhat replicate the multi query functionality from kibana 3 (where i could compare queries across all visualizations in my dashboard) in kibana 4 + is to individually update each visualization and copy paste the filter aggregation params for each. There is no other way (like using a query dsl etc) is that correct ?

If the above is true then as a follow up question; I think i can change a visualization based on the parameters i pass in the url so would there be any way of saving this visualization using an api ?

My intention is to provide/create the multi query input box myself and taking the parameters from the user update all relevant visualizations based on visualization ID (using the url) save them and refresh the dashboard. Would this be feasible ?

Hey Aaron,

Any feedback on my proposed solution... As of now i have gone with a different approach where i created a proxy that captures requests from kibana before forwarding it to elastic search and using a custom language in the query to simulate the multi query filter, but i am running into a issue as i need the /bulk_get Api data to send an appropriate response for /_msearch

When trying to set a cookie to save /bulk_get data, all cookies except those that are set for /_msearch appear to be dropped before they are saved in the browser.

Would using interceptors help in any way instead of a proxy. I would really appreciate a pointer in the right direction

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