Kibana 4 - Control over multiple series visualisation from dashboard

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Last days I'm moving from Kibana 3 to 4 because my organisation is not planning to use 3 any more, I know it is quite old version but I can't find few features in K4.5.1.

We have data collected from haproxy, so some information about requests in our system. I'm trying to create dashboard with info about average request time of particular REST resources calls on specific machines. For this I created visualisation:

Y - average response time
X - Date Histogram by timestamp + 2 filters for specific server groups

This give me something similar to Kibana 3 dashboard with 2 series. The problem is after adding this and few other visualisations to the dashboard I'm loosing control over the series of data. I'm not able to add or remove particular machine to one of the series. I'm using this same series for all visualisations on the dashboard so I imagine that there should be one place where I can change series data like it was in Kibana 3. Is that possible?

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Hi Kamil,

I'm not familiar with Kibana 3 functionality, but I don't think Kibana 4 or 5 has anything like that built in.

I think you could use a query in a saved search to get the servers you want, build visualizations that use that saved search (make sure you used the saved search as the basis for your visualization).
And add those visualizations to a dashboard.
Then to change which servers you see in the dashboard you would change the query, save it, and refresh your dashboard.


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