How to apply filter on particular metrix in kibana

whenever I am trying to apply any filter on one of the matrics in kibana it gets applied to other metrics too in the dashboard.

how to stop this I just wanted to apply the particular filter to the particular metrics in kibana dashboard, how to do that I don't know please anyone helps me in this

Thank you in advance.

hi @amolp,

all filters in the top bar on the dashboard get applied to all the visualizations on that dashboard.

If you want to save a filter with a particular visualization, you have to do that when building the visualization.

  1. create the visualization
  2. add filters to the filter bar
  3. save the visualization
    -> this will save the filters for this particular visualization only. When you add it to a dashboard, those filters will be applied (even though these filters are not visible in the filter bar on the dashboard)

Thanks your valuable reply @thomasneirynck.
i have one more issue in kibana visualization,as below

for status field its showing two differernt values in kibana visualization mertix,I think its because of case sensitivity ,but i want to make this as one value while showing in kibana.

how to do this ? please help.

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