Kibana Metric with simple query

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Í am trying to get a simple metric visualization going by making a Metric, with a count aggregation and then selecting a filter in wich I set the query...something like:

operation : Validatie* and httpresponse : 500

But that gives me a different number then when I input the query in discovery mode. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

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(Mike Barretta) #2

Are you using the search bar or the filter bar? Or search bar for one and filter bar for the other?

(Hugo) #3

In the explorer view, I am using the search bar at the top. In my visualization I am using 1 filter


(Mike Barretta) #4

A better approach to achieve your goal is to use the filter bar vs the filters aggregation: also should run faster.

In the GIF below, you can see me create a metric, apply a filter, save the visualization, then load it into a dashboard. Notice that the filter was saved with the metric and shows the filtered number even on the dashboard that has no filters or searches applied.

(Hugo Hendriks) #5

Hi Mike,

That did the trick. Thanks a bunch!

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