Click on metric visualisation to filter

Hi all, very basic question but want to check I'm not going mad here -

When using a dashboard to monitor logs, most types of visualisation can be clicked to set up a filter, filtering to just the part of the visualisation that's been clicked on (eg a particular bar of a bar chart). I can then pin this filter and move into 'Discover' to dig into the detail of the logs making up that 'bucket'.

I'm using a dashboard someone else has set up which uses a lot of 'metric' visualisations (a single number count). With this visualisation type, clicking it doesn't create a filter - is that everyone else's experience too and is there a reason for it? It's so really useful when you have, say, an error count and want to look at the specific occurrences.

Assuming this feature isn't available, I'll look at switching the visualisations to a different type.


Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Yes this is intentional, because the metric is a specific and explicit count of something - eg all errors/successes/events.
You make a good point though, it does make sense to be able to click to filter, so I would suggest creating a feature request on GitHub for it :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark :slightly_smiling_face:, I'll raise a feature request :+1:

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