Create a filter in metrics

I'm approaching to study Kibana.
How can I write a filter in the metrics visualization?

Ex: count of type:"cliente"

thanks a lot Valentina

  1. Go to "Discover"
  2. search what you want or use some filters
  3. Save your search (save symbol in the right-upper-corner)
  4. Visualize -> Metric -> from saved search
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Your visualization is already linked to an "authory_vale" saved search.

You can change that search to include your required filter - or simply unlink it from the saved search which will add a "filter bar" to the top of the visualization screen similar to what you have on the discover page.

You can mix visualizations linked to different saved searches (with their filters) on the same dashboard - and a dashboard will always have the "filter bar" on top as well to filter all visualizations on the dashboard.

Regarding the "JSON input" , as far as I know , you cant use that to add filters.