Kibana JSON input to exclude data in one chart


I am using ES, Kibana version - 6.6.1
I want to exclude 'Men's clothing' & 'Women's clothing' data in the attached chart. Is it possible to use JSON input to realize this? Is there any way to exclude certain data in one chart? In other words, is there any way to use part of datasets to create charts?
(I don't want to use filter bar because it will filter data for all charts)

Many thanks!


You can crease a saved search which includes the filters you want to add and then base the visualization on this. This allows you to apply filtering to just some visualizations in a dashboard.

Thanks for your reply! What does 'seven search' mean? Do you mean 'save search'?

Spellcheckers.... I meant "saved search". :slight_smile:

"Saved Search" looks nice. I found 'Open' button above toolbar in 'Discover'. But i can't find it in 'Visualization' and 'Dashboard'. Could you tell me how to use 'Saved Search' in 'Visualization'?

In the Discover view you add the filters you want and then store it as a saved search. When you create the visualisation you then choose this saved search instead of an index pattern when specifying what it is based on.

Sorry for my unclear description. I saved 'saved search' in Discover view and I can find it in 'Management->Settings'. Could you tell me how to 'choose this saved search' in visualisation? Because I didn't find open button above toolbar in visualization.

It is the first step when you create a new visualisation. Select the saved search instead of an index pattern. I do not think you can change an existing visualisation.

Found it. Thanks a lot!

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