Avro data format convert into json format


The data comming from kafka by using kafkastream s ,It s avro format then i will try to convert json but it s not work,Please can help me

You can pull Avro data from Kafka using Logstash.

input {
  kafka {
    codec => avro {
        schema_uri => "/tmp/schema.avsc"

Reference: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/plugins-codecs-avro.html

Yeah but affter getting the avro data from kafka i need to convert json then again push into kafka,
i have trying converting json but when i reading binary (avro) data by using GenaricDatumReader it throws ArrayIndexOutOf BoudnceException,

Thank you ,

Please clarify where you are seeing this error. Is this an error you are seeing with Logstash?

What specifically do you want help with?

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