Await is a reserved word - Using ES API to load list of hits by index


I am using Kibana to load list of hits by index name using ElasticSearch API.
The best way to do that, is using Scroll API and this is my routes.js code:

const elasticsearch = require('elasticsearch');

export default function (server) {

  const config = server.config();
  const client = new elasticsearch.Client({ host: config.get('elasticsearch.url') });
    path: '/api/indices_view/index/{name}',
    method: 'GET',
    handler(req, reply) {

      const allHits = [];
      const responseQueue = [];

      // start things off by searching, setting a scroll timeout, and pushing
      // our first response into the queue to be processed{
        index: 'shakespeare',
        scroll: '30s', // keep the search results "scrollable" for 30 seconds
        q: 'type:act'

      while (responseQueue.length) {
        const response = responseQueue.shift();

        // collect the titles from this response
        response.hits.hits.forEach(function (hit) {
          allHits .push(hit.fields.title);

        // check to see if we have collected all of the titles
        if ( === allHits .length) {
          console.log('every "test" title', allHits );

        // get the next response if there are more titles to fetch
            scrollId: response._scroll_id,
            scroll: '30s'

I know.. the example uses Await operator. If I use it, I got this error in my console await is a reserved word, else I got nothing.

I'll appreciate any help :smiley:
Best regards.

it's because the handler function isn't marked as async. change to:

async handler(req, reply) {

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Thanks for your reply @Stacey_Gammon :smiley:

I added async before the handler function, but I got this error:

error [06:47:16.302] [warning][process] [illegal_state_exception] source and source_content_type parameters are required :: {"path":"/shakespeare/_search","qu
:"source and source_content_type parameters are required"}],"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"source and source_content_type parameters are re

Is this an issue too ? :frowning:

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