AWS Cost and Usage Details with Metricbeat

Hi Beats pros!

Is there any recommended way to pull and index AWS cost and usage report data into Elastic?

I've been using the built-in AWS Billing Metricbeat module to pull in billing data from AWS. From what I can tell, the only data that's available through this module is EstimatedCharges since that's the only metric sent through AWS CloudWatch under AWS/Billing

I'm mostly interested in BlendedCost data, i.e. the kind of info that's available via the aws CLI/API:

aws ce get-cost-and-usage --time-period Start=2020-06-19,End=2020-07-19 --granularity DAILY --metrics "BlendedCost" --group-by Type=DIMENSION,Key=SERVICE

Hi @stevewritescode :slight_smile:

I suggest to open an enhancement request in the Github repo directly Maybe that single metric can be added to the Metricset. Beats won't fetch all available metrics and it takes only a handful, waiting for some feedback from the community to add more. So I guess that your request will be welcome.

If you don't want to wait, there's no "fast" way to achieve this. One way would be to create a shell script to run the cli tool and output to a file. Then you setup a Ingest pipeline to parse the output data from AWS (using Grok, like many Filebeat modules) Finally you setup filebeat to read that file and use the pipeline

Enhancement request added at We can continue discussion there. Thanks for the quick reply!

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