Metricbeat AWS Module estimated costs

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I'm thinking about the using metricbeats AWS module to collect and display metrics of one or several EC2 instances. And therefore I have to estimate the costs of AWS charges on CloudWatch API requests.

Let's say I use only the ec2 metricset with a collection period of 300 seconds (5 minutes). That makes 12 calls per hour, 288 calls per day and 8.784 calls per month. Suppose I get 25 metrics per call (

This gives 219.600 metrics per month. According to this pricing table (, this results in monthly costs of 23.960 USD.

Probably I made a mistake in my calculation. Maybe someone can fill me in.

Hi! So it would be 219,600 metrics per month and for GetMetricData API, it is $0.01 per 1000 metrics so it would be $2.196 per month. The list of metrics you linked are not all from CloudWatch. For example instance.core.count, and etc.

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Thank you @Kaiyan_Sheng.

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