Metricbeat AWS Module - Which metrics are pulled?


We want to setup AWS module to collect only RDS and S3 metrics with the following frequency:

  • RDS: every minute
  • S3: once a day

AWS charges by the number of metrics requested. It is not clear how many and which metrics this AWS module configuration will pull from AWS, in order to calculate the cost. Does anybody know that or could point where this is written?

Cesar Lino

Hi @cesarlino,

It is actually possible to configure different metricsets with different periods, in the reference documentation you can find some examples.

Regarding costs, it will depend on the service, you will have to refer to AWS documentation to know more about the pricing. Both RDS and S3 metrics are collected using Cloudwatch.
The number of requests done on every fetch will depend on the number of regions monitored, and the number of resources deployed. We don't have more specific numbers at the moment.

Metricbeat 7.6.0 will include a new billing metricset that can be used to monitor the charges in AWS services.

Ahh and in 7.6.0 we will include a new usage metricset that will tell you varies API counts.
It's definitely a good idea to document the number of API calls we are making for each metricset. I just created this issue to track the work. Please feel free to comment on it. Thank you!

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