AWS deployment

(Pixiu Pl) #1

AWS longtime user here.
Want to deploy ES into cluster.
Steps to do it (both API and AMI) works well.

We have our internal search app, and we need some wise-code (we do not want to see any php code) to systematize (index) it. ES seems perfect. Will give it testride and see how it copes with >1PB of data....

Any suggestions regarding weakpoints, what to pay special attention to, etc?


(Mark Walkom) #2

It's not really clear what you are after here. Do you mind rewording things?

(Pixiu Pl) #3

Sure no problem....
Having EC2 instance running Ubuntu. Having second instance (DB instance) which runs MySQL.
In MySQL I have database where is one table called P_PHRASES. Within this table there are 2 colums (PID and phrase) where we store our phrases (one per record)....

We also have public facing webform (in PHP) which serves as little search engine. It works well, but (with over 2bn of records) its dann slow....

Now, we want to speed up DB response time. Ive heard many stories suggesting use of ES. So why not give it a try?

(Mark Walkom) #4

Then yep, sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

(David Pilato) #5

BTW have a look at which is all deployed, ready to use, with xpack and Kibana...

(Pixiu Pl) #6

Not so great......
Deployed ES..... it can hardly build an index.
As of ES Cloud :: how to unsibscribe from it so I'll not incur charges at Amazon?

Generally - ES was bad idea.

(David Pilato) #7

Generally - ES was bad idea.

What did you try? Why are you saying this?

(Pixiu Pl) #8
  1. Cluster on AWS:: you say its free for 14 day.... from day 1 it renders payments (when I cancelled ES subscription in AWSMarketPlace, charges stopped). So no, its not free.

  2. (For me) logic behind how ES is structured is far from being logical:: why /bin contain non-binaries? or why show-clusters is not showing full info about cluster, it shows errors of unknown provienence.

  3. LogStash is randomly unable to visualize logs. No errors, no red stripes, just no graph at all.

And so much more....

Im generally disapointed with ElasticSearch,

(Mark Walkom) #9
  1. I've asked internally about that
  2. Are you talking about the application on disk? I don't believe show-clusters is an Elasticsearch thing?
  3. Do you mean Kibana?

(Mark Walkom) #10

For #1 above, turns out AWS asked us not to do this, the 2 week trial is only available if you go directly with us.

I will see if we can get the website updated to make that clearer. Apologies for this.


I'd have to add my two cents and strongly disagree with this guy. I work for a Berkshire Hathaway company and had database speed issues for a variety of reasons. I suggested using Elasticsearch for this as well as other benefits, and it's been absolutely fantastic. There are a few small things I think it could improve upon but overall it is like nothing else out there.

(Pixiu Pl) #12

@warkolm So - if I understand you correctly - you deliberately misleaded people into believing its free whereas it wasnt, right?

In this case I strongly demand a refund, because Ive been fooled into thinking that I subvscribe to free product.

@warkolm Contact me via PM please and we will talk.

(Mark Walkom) #13

Please see

Free trial is not available for this AWS Marketplace listing.
Please contact Elastic if you have any questions.

(Pixiu Pl) #14

The problem is that it wasnt there when I ordered free trial from ES using this link; Thats for sure.

Whats also for sure is that on your own page (linked above) you say: Start Free Trial.
Same is written on your landing page.

Two places, one - misleading - information. I will repeat:: contact me via PM and we will talk.

(Mark Walkom) #15

Thanks for your patience here.

It looks like the cluster was up for ~46 hours and we've issued you a refund for that time, you should see that soon.

(Pixiu Pl) #16

Sure, no problem.
Ive been contacted (via mail) by Ms. Janica Lee regarding refund, so - till now - its going smoothly.
Many thanks for taking care of this issue @warkolm

(Pixiu Pl) #17

Month is goin g to end soon but my refund is nowhere near. What happened?

(Pixiu Pl) #18

As I suspected.

After raising this topic on forum, the ES team got to me to solve this issue, but in reality they give a shit about it. Just not to look bad in the eyes of internet users.

Yes, everythiong will be solved and another shitty talk and suddenly BAM -> no answer to both my mail and forum post(s).... all they care about is not to put shame their own picture......

Turns out that the ES team simply lied to me. And they are doing it constantly (to users who subscribes for 'free' trial of their product). They think people are fools and they treat them with zero respect. Yes -> to lie to prospective buyers is without respect to them (and to theirself)......

I suggest teaching them a lesson and stop using their service(s). Let them die out.

Note worthy is the fact that ES team breaks their own ToS: Point 4a. Its noted that

With the exception of any free trial period, or where otherwise explicitly noted, you are required to pay a fee (...)

So, question for ES - where the hell is (within the front page) notice that free trial will incur charges? Nowhere, because its supposed to be free. See the lie? And also on what base you charged me for free trial period?. And again:: where is my money?

this meaning what? What exactly did AWS ask not to do?

Im seriously getting ready to fill a lawsuit against Elastic.

(Mark Walkom) #19

A advised, the refund will be processed at the end of the month and that is still a few days away.

(Pixiu Pl) #20

Amount of refunded moeny will be ::

a) in EUR transferred into AWS account and removed from my bill,
b) transferred into my bank account directly?

Exact date of refund?

And you didn't answer my questions