Anyone Using AWS ElasticSearch

im manually running an ELK cluster (latest versions) on EC2.

just looking at evaluating the elasticsearch service on aws, to see if theres any benefit (less management). i had a brief attempt, but nothing would work only changing the logstash output to the elasticsearch domain address.

is anybody using it? are there any caveats? any setup requirements, like needing any additional plugins or anything?

from reading the docs, it only seems to support up to ES 1.5.3 atm, which seems odd?

They only support 1.5.2 and up to 20 nodes, they have disabled a few of the API end points and don't allow plugins beyond what they provide.

Otherwise I understand it isn't too bad.

Ahh thats a little disappointing. 1.5.2 seems ancient and no plugin options means I'd need a different backup solution (beyond the duration allowed for a snapshots) to my current s3 weekly index storage via plugins. Or no doubt some expensive AWS data pipeline export solution.

Cheers Mark

Have you seen

I have, seems a better option but not quite the one for me costwise until I make a proper business case for multi-region/datacenter coverage. Needs growing, but not quite there yet.

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