AWS Elasticsearch

Hi all.

is it possible with the ELK opendistro to send logs and metrics directly to Elasticsearch without Xpack?
I implemented the above but filebeat of metricbeat complains about xpack so I am using the OSS version.
Do you need a license for xpack?


The Basic license that we offer is free and bundled with Elasticsearch, you don't need to do anything to enable it :slight_smile:
We do have entirely OSS packages that you can also download if you'd like.

Hi Mark. Thanks heaps.
But even if I have a AWS ES afaik?

The AWS service is a fork of what we build, they don't include any of the Basic or above licensed features we have.

oh ok... wow!
Now my problem might not be xpack but not being able to create/load the dashboards from filebeat/metricbeat. WHen I do filebeat setup I got:

Loading dashboards (Kibana must be running and reachable)
Exiting: error connecting to Kibana: fail to get the Kibana version: HTTP GET request to **https://:**5601/_plugin/kibana/api/status fails: fail to execute the HTTP GET request: Get "**https://:**5601/_plugin/kibana/api/status": dial tcp connect: connection refused. Response: .

But the port on 5601 it's not open by design on the AWS ES.

Any idea?

You'd have to ask them how they handle Beats setup in that case sorry.

Otherwise, check out our Elasticsearch Service. It will work out of the box and includes all our features.

thanks Mark.
Appreciate it


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