AWS ELK and metricbeat issue

Hi all.
I have AWS Elasticsearch 7.8 and also, for testing purposes, I have a minikube kubernetes where I installed through Helm, metricbeat.
When I do metricbeat test config it seems to be ok and test output
parse url... OK
parse host... OK
dns lookup... OK
dial up... OK
security: server's certificate chain verification is enabled
handshake... OK
TLS version: TLSv1.2
dial up... OK
talk to server... OK
version: 7.8.0

but when I try metricbeat setup I got the following error

Exiting: error connecting to Kibana: fail to get the Kibana version: HTTP GET request to https://:5601/_plugin/kibana/api/status fails: fail to execute the HTTP GET request: Get "https://:5601/_plugin/kibana/api/status": dial tcp connect: connection refused. Response: .

any idea? the AWS Elk doesn't have 5601 port opened by design while if I do the CURL on the URL I get all the info I need as it doesn't use the port 5601.

Also the setup goes on HTTP but the AWS one is on HTTPS.


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