TLS and Metricbeat

Hello, mostly new to the Elastic Search framework, but I have a question. I have successfully deployed Metricbeat onto a set of remote servers pointing back to our Elastic Search via a IP address, and those work perfectly. But recently we have started switching over the Kubernetes. Our connection for the K8s metrics will be to use Kube state metrics to access port 8080 on the cluster. Metricbeat itself sits on top of the cluster as a daemonset, all as recommended. This works in our test cluster, however our production is using a TLS certificate for the Node, and I cannot tell if the reason why we are not getting anything from the cluster is because we do not have the TLS connected or for if it is because the IP address we assign to the helm chart on installation isn't taking. The helm command is basic just:
//helm install metricebeat ./beats/metricbeat --set ELASTIC_IP="ELASTIC_IP"


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