AWS instance plugin necessity

I am new to ES in Amazon. I created a instance in the cloud with red hat 7.3 (5.2.2 es). unable to bring up as service.. and no logs in the log folder. But able to bring up through console. Is it mandatory to install cloud plugin to bring up that instance as a service. What is the necessity for that plugin?? I don't need any security it's just a testing instance. But in the same instance I am bringing up my kibana also... I need kibana to access. Can anyone explain why we have to use that plugin

Hi @Ravi_Shanker_Reddy

I'm moving this over to the Elasticsearch forum, you'll get better answers there (this forum is specifically for support on Elastic Cloud)

No you don't need to install any plugin.

You need to read the logs, system logs, Elasticsearch logs...

Can you please explain why we have to use that was plugin (for further reference)???

You don't have to use that plugin.

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