AWS IoT data to Elastc Cloud


Do you have recommendation on how to send data from an AWS IoT Core MQTT Broker to an Elasticsearch instance that is managed using ElasticCloud ?

The only lead I have so far is to use a combination of AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Filebeat but it seam a bit overkill.
I tried to send data to ElasticCloud using an HTTP "Rule" in AWS IoT Core but I did not managed to make it work.

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That is not a thing as far as I am aware.

I don't know the aws side of things, but Elasticsearch will accept HTTP requests, so perhaps you could share what you setup and we can guide you from an Elasticsearch point.

Hi @warkolm! Thanks for the welcoming :smile:

Indeed I meant Elastic Filebeat sorry.
I haven't tested this combination though.
I finally ended up using a lambda in AWS that redirects all the traffic to the Elastic HTTP API. It works so far, and lambdas are cheap so I think I will stick with that solution. I'll let you know if I encounter any issue with that setup.

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