AWS Load Balancer for Elasticsearch Cluster


I have a 3 Master and 4 Data node cluster running on EC2 instances. I want to set-up a Load Balancer infront of my master nodes. While I try doing so, the application load balancer is failing to register the health of master nodes. The ping path I used for healthcheck is /_cluster/health on port 9200 and the target registration with status "unhealthy". The cluster is healthy. Is the ping path for healthcheck that I am using is correct? Please help.

(Mujtaba Hussain) #2

This is weird ... I checked against my cluster and that path definitely works.

$> curl -s -w "%{http_code}" -o /dev/null localhost:9200/_cluster/health/

Any chance of a screenshot of the ELB HealthCheck section?

(Nikolay Klimchuk) #3

Can I ask why you put Load Balancer infront of master nodes? Why not data nodes?

(system) #4

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