AWS Managed Kibana not sending alerts to Zenoss (Custom webhook )

Hi Team,

We are trying to configure alerting from AWS Kibana to the 3rd party URL i.e., to Zenoss to generate alerts. I have selected the "Custom webhook" option and have provided the 3rd party URL - "https://******.com/zport/dmd/Events/evconsole_router" however when we create a monitor and trigger alert, We do not see any message going to Zenoss. I have tried sending "test message" as well however no luck.

I have attached the screenshots of the alert configuration. Please note we have checked the port and firewall and confirmed there is no issue with it. Kindly help !!

We aren't able to help here sorry, aws run a fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana that we don't support.
You will need to ask their support.

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