How to Send the alerts to opsgenie from kibana

Hi all,
Can anyone help me out on sending the alerts to opsgenie from kibana.

In actions i selected Webhook and pasted the Opsgenie webhook url, but still its not working..!!

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it sounds like you could solve this by using the webhook action

hope it helps

Hi Rashmi,
I tryed with Webhook action, but its not pushing any alerts to opsgenie.

Things i have done so far,

  1. Created opsgenie webhook url
  2. Created a actions in kibana with webhook and used both PUT and POST method but still its not working

And also it is asking for username and password..!! I dont understand what username password i have to provide

What do you mean by not working? Are there errors in the Kibana or Elasticsearch logs?

Basically the alerts is not triggered when i use webhook action with opsgenie webhook url

when use the connector which i attached as image, it should send the alerts to opsgenie right, but it is not..!!

In your image it is highlighting that the URL you have provided is not correct, did you check that?

That's not the URL, i don't want to expose the original url for that i mentioned xxx-xxxx-xxxx

Hi All,
Fixed this issue using ALERT-API URL

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