Unable to create webhook action with path parameter

I want to create a connector for opsgienie, which will close the alert once it will be recovered.
Opsgenie allows to close alerts by the alias, Alert API.
So how do I mention the id or alias in the URL? What will be the correct variable and how to access that.
I was getting errors like
action execution failure: .webhook:<uuid>: OpsgenieRecover - error calling webhook, invalid response: [422] Unprocessable Entity: Key format is not valid!

I have attached a screenshot of how I was trying, with that it was not able to close the alert at Opsginie. Let me know the correct way to configure it.


Hi @Vivek_Kumar1 ,

Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry to say that what you're asking for here isn't currently supported.
The Webhook connector isn't capable of receiving variables as part of it's configuration fields, which is what you're attempting to do with alert.id above.

We don't currently have plans on our roadmap to add this support, but we do plan on adding an official OpsGenie connectors which would handle all of these things for you.
I can't give you a timeline, but I can say that it has been prioritised and is on our current roadmap.
I suggest keeping an eye on this issue which is where this requirement is being tracked.

@gmmorris thanks for the update. currently, I am going with the proxy way to do the same.

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