AWS RDS Metricset whitelist by database name and/or tags


Is there the option to whitelist which databases metricbeat pulls metrics for?

Looking at it's not clear if there are additional configs to specify.

Thank you!

Hi @justinw, great question. Unfortunately we don't have whitelist for choosing database at this point. Also I have an issue open to add more support in RDS metricset:

One workaround would be to use cloudwatch metricset with specific metric names specified:

- module: aws
  period: 300s
    - cloudwatch
    - namespace: AWS/RDS
      name: ["AuroraGlobalDBReplicatedWriteIO", "AuroraGlobalDBDataTransferBytes", ......]
      tags.resource_type_filter: rds
      statistic: ["Average", "Maximum"]

Your whitelist idea is great! I should put that into consideration when expanding rds metricset. Thanks!

Thanks @Kaiyan_Sheng. This would be a great feature as it will help reduce costs for databases we don't want high fidelity monitoring for. I'll comment on the issue too.

Best, Justin

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