AWS S3 Snapshot behind proxy error

Currently using ES 2.4.3 with cloud-aws plugin version 2.4.3

Proxy settings in elasticsearch.yaml set on all nodes:

    protocol: https
        port: 8083
        username: myself
        password: theBestPasswordEver!

PUT request for repo:

PUT _snapshot/my_s3_repository

"type": "s3",
"settings": {
"bucket": "my_bucket_name",
"region": "us-west"

Error is:

amazon_s3_exception - Proxy Authentication Required - Error Code 407

Is there some way to debug this, the logs don't seem to show much.

You are missing an indentation before aws.

Can you check?

Thanks, it does have an indent, I just pasted here incorrectly.
I've checked the elasticsearch.yaml files with LINT and they are valid.
Not sure if this is relevant, but the username is in the form domain\username, so I entered it in the form domain%5Cusername as it's an HTTP proxy, which is how it's setup in local environment settings.

Can you try:


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