Error 500 while creating s3 snapshot repo

I'm getting HTTP 500 status whenever I try to create the snapshot repository on an AWS S3 bucket.

I have updated the AWS access key, secret key, and session token into the elasticsearch-keystore and reloaded the secure setting too.

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/XXX' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '
"type": "S3",
"settings": {
"bucket" : "XXX",
"endpoint" : "XXX",
"base_path" : "XXX",
"server_side_encryption" : "true"

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "repository_verification_exception",
"reason": "[XXX] path [XXX] is not accessible on master node"
"type": "repository_verification_exception",
"reason": "[XXX] path [XXX] is not accessible on master node",
"caused_by": {
"type": "i_o_exception",
"reason": "Unable to upload object [] using a single upload",
"caused_by": {
"type": "amazon_s3_exception",
"reason": "amazon_s3_exception: Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: XXX; S3 Extended Request ID: XXX)"
"status": 500

Do you have any idea, what is the problem?

Did you install and configure the S3 plugin on ALL nodes in the cluster, including dedicated master nodes?


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