Azure Blob repository snapshot

Hi All,

I have recently installed ECE and I'm trying to evaluate the snapshot functionality.
I have everything built on top of Azure so I would like to connect this to an Azure storage account.

I have unsuccessfully tried setting up repository with the Advanced option and the following code:

"type": "Azure",
 "settings": {
 "container": "containerName",
 "client": "storageAccountName"

I haven't been able to find good documentation on how to set this up. Such as how to pass credentials to the container etc...

Any help is much appreciated.


These docs should work for ES 5.x and 6.x:

For 7.x we haven't updated the docs yet but the only difference should be that you'd use the keystore UI (from the ECE overview page to the cluster) to the credentials:


Thanks @Alex_Piggott.

It's not very intuitive for somebody like me that hasn't used this before.

It's working now, what I had to do for my ES7 cluster:

  • Add azure.client.default.account with the name of the storage account
  • Add azure.client.default.key with the storage account key
  • Restart the cluster so that settings can take effect
  • Create a new repository in the main "Platform-> Repositories" menu
  • Go back into the cluster and set the Snapshots from its menu

Hopefully the docs will improve with time. But thanks for the prompt reply!


Glad you got it working - we definitely agree it's not very intuitive at the moment.

In addition to fixing the docs, we do have plans to improve the actual snapshot configuration user experience (back to the point where you can just select the repo from the dropdown)

(Note: one alternative to using Azure directly is to use minio as an S3-Azure gateway, since the S3 repo plugin is better supported in ECE (because ES lets you put the credentials in the repo metadata, unlike for GCP and Azure))

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